10 things Executives must know and do about Social Media.

Social media

According to the Roland Berger Strategy Consultants paper on Socialize Your Business, 25% of online time is spent on social networks, 17% of all companies use social media in a truly strategic way, 70% of employees believe that leveraging social media makes the CEO a more effective leader.

The above figures are most likely familiar to us, as we are bombarded daily with the encroachment of online engagement like never before. Thus, the data above further buttress the fact that social media is definitely a strong point of convergence for online community, including customers and their brands. It’s therefore, common sense that not only companies and their marketing team, but the CEOs must come on board for seamless result-oriented brands and consumers engagement on these platforms.

  1. Balancing gains against risks:

As great as the birth of social media might be, and the opportunities it has brought to our world, it is not totally void of some ills as well. Therefore every executive must understand that just as social media offers several business opportunities, including communication and collaborations, it also has disadvantages like reputation and security issues. However, the gains still outweigh the risks, if well managed. Therefore, not employing social media would be an unwise decision for your business.

  1. Aligning social media goals with business goals:

Social media has far gone beyond just a social platform where people meet for leisure and chit-chat, instead it’s a platform that is driving serious businesses today. The sooner most executives realize this, the better for them as individuals and for their organization. Therefore, social media must be fully integrated into their business model and its core fibers.

  1. Orchestrate and actively support

When developing a social media strategy, executives need to be at the core of it and to bring in their knowledge of the business, as well as the long-term vision they have for the future of the company. Social media needs to be incorporated within the veins of the organization in order to be successful, from the top to the bottom. It is not a platform for the low level staffs only, but for EVERYONE, especially the top executives of any organization. Adopting the right mindset towards social media is a crucial step in driving the whole project forward for an entire organization.

  1. Training:

As a top executive, you must ensure everyone’s involvement if social media project is to answer the organization’s general business goals; having only a few in the marketing department participate, will not be as helpful as having all departments share in this knowledge, no matter how insignificant the training might seem.

Therefore, it is essential to involve your entire team in social media training, at least to a substantial level, in order to create a common language within the organization.

  1. Craft it in the culture:

Culture is a way of life, culture is strong, when you touch the culture of an organization; you touch the central processing unit (CPU) of that organization. CEOs must ensure they open their organization’s culture for social media, to become a tool for progress. Putting into cognizance the needs for it to be within a regulated framework so that social media use is conducive for growth.

  1. Don’t Be a Walled Garden:

When you hear of a walled garden, what comes to your imagination is a beautiful place with great potential, however its beauty cannot be explored for the good of humanity, because of the barriers made around it.

As funny as it might seem, most top executives have made themselves and their organizations like that. Everyone thinks they are great, but they fall short of desired results in business, because they refused to open up for the new ways of interaction and engagement. They stick to only what they were taught in business school and refuse to be dynamic in their business model and approach, so they ignore the power of social media and so are left behind at the end.

  1. Is Your Bio Page on Your Social Media Platforms?

This is a simple, but good way to start. The more strategic information you share about your professional background and who you are as an individual, the stronger your credentials will be, and the more trustworthy you will come across. And guess what? People do business with people they know, like, and trust. So go ahead, share that career related Harvard experience, and watch your ratings soar.

  1. Share a Balance of Corporate, Curated, and Original Content Topics

Simply put, your content should have a mark of originality, if not 100%, then something close at least. And how you gather your thoughts and present it should be strategic and deliberate. Bottom-line is always have an aim you want to achieve with every content that goes out on your organization’s social media page.

  1. What page ranks first when you Google your name?

For top executive, this is very important if you must break new grounds in business, especially when it has to do with international business partnership. Being top on Google search goes a long way in enhancing your credibility, authenticity and confidence customers have of you when they search you out, and your name is top on the list, with great articles, testimonies and memos about you and your works.

  1. Don’t Be a Robot, Be Human ok?!

As an executive, you can get really busy that you lock out every communication whatsoever, but we also know we can’t afford to pour out the baby with the bath water. Even while you have PR, social media, or a marketing practitioner assist you in managing your social media feeds as a CEO and an automated social media publishing system, it does not entirely substitute for the special connection and bonding you create when you sit down to personally interact with your customers.

Trust me your customers are not fools, they know when your interaction with them is truly real. Ask Richard Brandson he knows better.

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