How Africa is Truly leading the way in the world’s fashion map



The Africa’s fashion industry is making stronger statements in the world of fashion across the globe.  With new African fashion designers and fashion analysts emerging and making bold prints of the African concept of design. One unique aspect of the African fashion world is the creative blend of the African fabrics with that of the western world and this has been widely accepted in all other continents.


Few of the long list of popular names in the industry include:

  • Jewel – Lisa
  • David Tlale
  • Deola Sagoe
  • Kofi Ansah
  • Lanre Da Silva Ajayi
  • Mataano

Remarkably, the Nigerian fashion industry is bringing new dimensions into the continent with emerging designers and designs and making her a top contender when it comes to fashion in Africa and also in the world. This push in awareness for African fashion has been made possible by the way the media presents everything African, most especially the ‘social media’ which has been an instrumental platform for the African fashion scene in helping to rebrand, reform, and repaint the industry and to reshape the notion other continent used to have concerning the African fashion. The level of awareness and exposure it has brought into the fashion industry cannot be undermined.

 What exactly is the impact of Social media in transforming Africa’s fashion statement and consumer’s purchase decisions?

It is no news that no other personal device has had the same viable and societal impression as the smartphone.

According to our study, 70% of smartphone users say they have bought a product or service on their smartphone and mobile devices in the past five months. This clearly shows the extent of the impact of social media on fashion business in Africa. In addition, since the new age consumers and fashionista are extreme internet-savvy, the fashion marketers have discovered a perfect platform to always meet with their prospects.

To the fashion brands, they are also getting huge conversion by giving greater customer experience through various digital outlets.


What’s driving the African fashion industry in getting more leads?

The African fashion industry has relied more on the media to projects its fashion products to the world and have made use of the social media influencers, social media channels and popular blogging platforms to reach out to millions of followers around the world who have direct access to latest styles, designers, fabrics, prints, and brands coming out of Africa.

The mobile devices are transforming the way the African fashion industry markets and sells its products, and also getting strong results on digital channels.

The clothes and others emerging fashion products have become the foremost mobile purchase in Nigeria in particular, with a good number of online fashion purchases now being made through mobile through e-commerce platforms such as JUMIA, Konga and others they also allow consumers to browse through their favorites on their phone before making the decisions.


Social media – predominantly Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest – seems to powerfully impact clothing purchases on mobile.

In numerous nations the fashion industry is feeling the positive influence of the rise of social media use.

The future of African fashion promises to be greater compared to its current state with an early embrace of the key digital platforms in communicating with the rest of the world.

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