67% of consumers say that either reading or writing social media reviews influences their online shopping experience. Source

40% of global internet users, or more than 1 billion people, have bought products or goods online. SOURCE

The Rapid Growth of Online Shoppers across the globe cannot be under-emphasized as consumers now demand for a more reliable and easy shopping experience.


Business plus discovered that a few online RETAIL STORE overshoot the mark in their methods of delivering a smooth customer experience. We have proposed few hints on what consumers expect in 2016. Remember: One little slip up can disrupt the brand image.

With the increasing online shoppers, Consumers are becoming rather selective. Consumer satisfaction REMAINS a key factor for competition amongst online retail stores. This is what happens when their needs are not met, they rather walk away. This happens as a result of the Purchasing power that lies in their hands, the power to choose all at the end of their fingertips. The user’s experience with the web site determines a lot, first it must be responsive, with high readability, high website speed and on-the-go search throughout the online store but if a customers is not getting this, he/she moves to a better online store.

Let’s take a clue from Netherlands, 80% of consumers leave a website at least 30% of the time without buying anything as a result of poor website experience.

Mobile friendly website a Demand Of Digital Age Consumer

User insight on mobile apps has improved over the years as 70% of smartphone users would be willing to use their mobile for various transactions rather THAN USE THE desktop. .

It’s no top-secret that online stores will continue to benefit from creating a flawless online experience for customers and potential buyers, with smooth accessibility on mobile devices (considering the number of mobile users) in order to get the desired conversion as well as growing numbers of traffic to e-commerce websites.

Providing a mobile friendly website goes a long way to achieving this.

Goal orientated Users. User often turn to mobile devices to get quick answers to questions, to search for wide range of information, as a knowledge ground, to read relevant articles.


Do not Rule out the Knowledge Of consumers

Do not make that mistake of ruling out the knowledge of your potential consumers. With rate of developments in the digital communications there are Internet-savvy consumers who look through your product reviews, both positive and negative, the services you render and the overall product ratings all in making sure they are not falling into the wrong hands. Do not be an omniscient retailer, learn from customers reviews especially the negative ones, once you can guarantee this, then you win their loyalty.

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