Dear Brand, Your Social Media Health Check-up Is Due

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Beyond the euphoria of social media and the story behind its success in a decade. A major lesson that can be derived from its revolution is that the development compared to others within the digital space is unique; the social media is beyond just a medium where different interactions take place but rather it has become a natural way of behavior for a good number of active internet users in Nigeria and beyond the shores of Africa.

There is a growing responsiveness among internet-savvy users in Nigeria which came as a result of the huge acceptance of this great phenomenon, everyone is a viral content creator. Total creativity has taken over the social media sphere as most customers churn out unique content (gif, video, article…) to share amongst friends, social community at large and this has so much helped to sustain the cycle of social engagement and interaction on popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.  

As a startup that seeks accomplishment with limited resources in this competitive digital space, there must be total understanding of the rule of engagement and the concept of effective interaction with all followers, how to target them, when to target them and where they spend most of their time and the right words to stir them to action.


With a small budget, you can easily reach out to your customers. Social media is pretty affordable and gives you an uninterrupted access to current and soon-to-be customers.


Consumers have become more inquisitive about major happenings online and brands must always be on the lookout for prospective avenues to engage them, and convert such opportunity for the actualization of their brand goals. Without mincing words, the social media has come to stay and the sooner brands can tap into this reality and get on the bandwagon, the better for each of their marketing goals.


However, the rise of mobile devices has influenced the social media consumption rate of users making most information accessible on-the-go, easy to post, easy to share, and to keep the conversation going. This has given birth to a cultural attachment to mobile devices, 7 out of every 10 persons you come across are so addicted to this. Try to recall those scenes, in the bus, I the class, in major gatherings, in an event, name it! The digital consumer is always busy with a mobile device and does not want to miss out on any information.



How Can Brands Benefit From This?

For businesses in Nigeria, there’s a prospect to lift (or damage) their image to attract (or put off) existing and potential customers.

Social media plays a major role in how brands engage online with consumers and prospects.

Brands can easily bank on this reality to sustain and maintain a stronger relationship with clients and prospects.

Brands can use these channels to get feedbacks from consumers to deliver quality service and to sustain a more redefining customer experience.

In an era where most brands seek to scale their audiences at any cost, brands must be more focused on its audience by providing them with valuable, engaging content.


In order to get the best out of the social media revolution, brands must be Innovative, unique in their approach, must use imaginative marketing strategies that go beyond just selling and adopt a direct-to-consumer marketing approach which is digitally driven.



So how should a brand approach social Media?


Respond as soon as they complain

Brands that respond promptly to comments on social media see 25% increase in income potential per transaction, also there is a high chance that customers are more likely to endorse the business. In addition, Clients’ readiness to do business with the brand also considerably rises. Always reply to tweets, respond to comments as quickly as possible.


Criticisms can be helpful

Most brands might find it hard to disregard negative comments about their services, but your brand is better off when you take note of such comments to move on to the next phase of the business.


Social Listening

Social monitoring means searching various online channels for discussions about your brand. Most times, such chats reveal information to help you understand what your customers are saying about your products and services.

Use catchy words to draw users’ attention

There are millions of posts that go live every minute on social media, in order to get their full attention, your content must be exceptionally attractive for them to stop by and look at what you are communicating.


Know Your Audience

For your brand to be successful on social media, you must be able to connect with your audience and this is only achievable through a good understanding of your current customers. First, define your target audience, by interest, profession, age, gender, etc.


Final views….

Finally, always Integrate sharing buttons on your pages and posts to make sure your content is share-friendly. Also, the most appropriate way to ensure success in your marketing strategy today is to incorporate social media into your daily routine.


Stay on top of your social marketing strategy today using this social media guide.


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