The Digital HR: A Phenomenon in the Digital world

The age of Digital HR is fast rising since the approach of recruiting new employees is gradually changing with the emerging remote recruiting firms across the world.

Without proper acquaintance with the digital approach, HR professionals can be lost in the emerging developments in the digital world and lacking a real knowledge of the required skills, and how this will assist their current job position as the HR.

HR leaders will truly gain a lot if the social media technologies can be incorporated into every process. This will open their eyes to new ways to develop employee efficiency, output and the value of business practices. Here is the problem or major shortcoming: many HR departments in Nigeria have yet to hold or accept the potentials of this wind of change blowing in the digital space. Most HR professionals simply find it hard to adopt all the new digital methods even if they wanted to. Most of them prefer to hold on to the already existing old approach.

Dear HR

How are you integrating digital HR technologies into your former approach?

Without mincing words, the future of HR is obviously digital it will get to a stage where all aspect of HR will have to go through the digital process from sourcing of good candidates through to retirement point.

Here is the reason, numerous primitive tools we use might work today, but they all will go into extinction in years to come because they won’t be relevant to that generation or age.

The inclusion of the digital process in the human resources will not only enhance the work but also of improve how HR is practiced in Nigeria. The effective blend both of traditional HR and digital approaches will help to achieve the desired in a more speedy and easy way.

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