Introducing Email Forest, Africa’s Best Email Automation Platform

We’re pleased to release emailforest, the leading email marketing, and automation platform which has become a household name and a goto point In Nigeria where all B2B and B2C brands consult for all marketing needs. It’s fast, easy, safe, user-friendly, affordable and comes with speedy inbox delivery.



It may be stressful making international payments in Nigeria, for your convenience, emailforest currently supports charging credit and debit cards in local currency for clients with billing addresses in Nigeria to save on fees.

Why use Email Forest?

Companies that utilize and maximize Email Automation generate 80 percent more sales at a reduced cost from sending individual campaigns.


Depending upon your business goals and marketing needs, there is a myriad of email series you can send with email forest’s Email Automation.

Convert prospects into customers.

Create a series of emails to train customers about how to use your product or service.


Top of mind – Keep your company top of mind as you nurture leads and encourage repeat business.

With email forest, Africa’s most trusted email marketing platform you can easily reach out to your prospects, clients and keep your brand top of mind.


How it works

Simply follow these two steps:

  1. From your dashboard, navigate to Email Campaign and select “Create One” to begin your campaign.
  2. Create a name for your campaign and select which email list will receive the series.
  3. Next, select a template for your email design. We have over fifty pre-designed templates for you to choose from.
  4. Edit the email and customize it as you please
  5. Continue to follow the setup sequence until you’ve final stage where you can see the summary of your email campaign and send a test email to yourself before sending a blast to your contact.


Spend less time reaching more customers
Try emailforest today
(It’s free!)
Ayeni Ekundayo
Co-Founder, EmailForest Inc

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