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Have you thought about it why you feel strange, when you meet people who say they don’t have an email? Why does it disturb you to see people who still think having an email is not important in this modern day, of technology and societal advancement? I think it’s simply because you assume and think everyone should have an email, at least every young adult. This is because you believe an email account is the prerequisite and bedrock, as well as essential platform to launch any other online engagement.

Before we move further, let see some of the email statistics and what it means for online marketers, brands and businesses. According to The Radicati Group, “More than 34% of the people worldwide use email. That’s about 2.5 billion people. It’s predicted to increase to 2.8 billion email users in the next 2 years. They went ahead to conclude that the world sends about 196 billion emails daily. Out of this 196 billion emails the majority, 109 billion, is business email.

I can begin to tell you every negative assumptions people have about email marketing that is not true, obviously that would not clear your doubt, but will leave you more confused than you’ve ever been. So if you are still not convinced that email marketing works, let’s see some facts that will help you appreciate the power of email marketing for your business and career.

  1. More effective than social media

The various survey conducted has shown that email marketing, especially those aimed at customer acquisition has increased exponentially. Most businesses gravitate more towards communications done via email than on the social networks.

  1. Affordable and Cost Effective

Every business, irrespective of the model it operates wants to cut cost as much as possible. It’s a general element in the DNA of every entrepreneur. For startup with limited resources, been able to reach a large number of customers is very key to their business growth. Email marketing allows your business reach a great number almost at no cost per message. You might not be able to employ the traditional marketing channels like TV, radio and printing, due to cost, but email will go a long way in achieving your desired results.

3 Personal communication experience

In email marketing, you know your audience, their profession and career level, and other useful information in their persona. This information helps you to segment and tailor your email message to your customers based on their interests, likes and other aspects that fit their persona. Knowing their aspirations help to provide them with something of value.

When you write to your audience, you can be very personal and even mention their name in the mail. Email allows you to address your customers as if you are discussing or having a chat with them over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer.

4 Encourage Action

Most business have generated substantial sales from the action-nature of email, more than any other platforms. One common features that comes with most email messages is that you can easily design some action point in them, or what is popularly referred to as Call-To-Action, whereby your audience can do the following; reply, forward, click-through, sign-up, buy-now, or Read More.

By nature, email is transactional and you can use it to direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive sales, which is the most important aim for any business.

5 Measurable

Figures and data are very key to any establishment that wants to grow and remain in business, irrespective of which aspect of the organization the information is coming from or related to. Without certain data, organizations can easily lose track of what should be important to them without even knowing. With email marketing, you are able to tell who opened your email, which links were clicked, and other activities or actions that were taken. You have an update on how your emails are doing and can easily make adjustments and improve your effectiveness. This helps to eliminate guess work when tracking the progress of your campaign via emails.

6 Quick and simple

As long as you know what you are writing about, your audience and what you plan to achieve with your message. Simply compose the mail from anywhere, be it from the comfort of your bed room perhaps in less than 30 minutes, and hit ‘send’, right away it delivers.

7 Mobile accessibility

A study last year from Exact-target reports that 91% of people use their smartphones to access their email. This compared to 75% of the people who use their smartphones for social networking. It can be very expensive not including email marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, this is because you are missing out on a crucial channel that a majority of the world uses!

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