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Reasons Why your Website Might not be Getting The Desired Users.

All it takes to convince or impress a website visitor is only few seconds….let’s say…. 05-10secs… within this moment the visitor decides whether to stay or walk away this is determined by the readability of content and usability of the website.

The website should be able to captivate and hold the attention of the visitor on the first visit to your website.  The attention is very essential in the conversion process, because everything that makes up the website such as the features and elements on the website either sends a negative or a positive message which will hold the visitor spell-bound or chase him/her away.

Attention span is defined as the amount of time that an individual can focus on a task or something without becoming sidetracked.

A website represents a company’s image, it could be a website for promoting a company’s products and services and to share more on its objectives and goals. So you need to learn how to hold visitors’ attention.

The end product of every business is to drive potential customers to come to the website and take an action for conversion.

Below are the major determinants of a successful website…

Your Website Must:

  1. Quick impression

The first impression created matters a lot, at this point the eyes as well as memory interprets and influence all that happens at the end. Both the mouse and the eyes are working simultaneously.

A website is a physical experience. You explore it with your eyes and your mouse.

Everything you put up on the website must point to getting conversion, this is why there should be a function performed by every addition on the website. Make it easy for your visitor to use because no one wants to waste his/her on a complex website when other flexible and user friendly websites are available.

  1. Announce what you do

A number of brands fail this test.  The description and the purpose of website is not well-pronounced. When a user visits your website and finds it hard to understand what the website is all about, then there will be a problem of interacting with your products and the brand itself.

All these major actions happen within seconds.

  1. Call-to-action must be Obvious and effective

From the expression, ‘call’ i.e to create an awareness about something, ‘action’ to take a bold step to achieve something or to act.

You need to make it very easy for users to take the next step include a catchy call-to-action such as SIGN-UP, PURCHASE, ORDER NOW….Every user experience must be seamless and easy.

There is no perfect website but you can always achieve a near-perfect website. Only if you change your approach.

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