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WOW! This Coca-Cola helps you take your selfies.



The social media world has seen more unique technologies in 2016 and incredibly this new discovery is truly one out of many. It’s no news that selfie taking has become a strong part of the social media culture that we all engage in without any real thought, because, most friends around us do. Most times, we take selfies so we can post them on social media and show everyone how good we look, and how we spend our time.

Teens are gripped by this craze, parents are gradually trying to get along in the trend, and celebrities are so engrossed as if it was made for them. In order to keep this spirit going, Coca-Cola wants to cheer this kind of behaviors by way of its new selfie bottle. Meet the Coca-Cola selfie bottle, a bottle of Coke that takes your selfie.

According to DigitalTrends it was an initiative created by Tel Aviv creative agency Gefen Team, these bottles have a plastic camera attached to the bottom that automatically snaps a photo whenever it’s tilted at a 70-degree angle (approximately the angle at which you need to hold the bottle to take a swig). The resulting photos are automatically uploaded to the beverage company’s Israeli Facebook page and Instagram account, as well as your own Snapchat, so drink with caution.

While the bottles were planned to be on the loose over the summer, it looks as though the first set was postponed until quite lately. So rather than taking those lovely selfies of yourself enjoying a Coke, this new tech saves you all the hassle. This is truly a new pursuit for brand marketing and technology as it affects social media.


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