Why Digital Marketing is NOW!

Tech is the new buzzword. And it’s not just in the technology space. Across various spheres such as transportation, food, medicines, services, education, and countless others, tech has become a driving force, powering businesses and connecting people and places.

More businesses are coming online and harnessing the power of the Internet. For those businesses and brands that are still unsure what the Internet can do for them, read on.

For any brand/business, making profit- in terms of sales, awareness or whatever meaning given by the business- is essential for continuity. Customers will buy or patronize a product or service if they know about it. What Digital Marketing does is to ensure that your brand or service is the first in the minds of potential customers looking for help that your product or service provides.

Traditional media eg radio, TV, and to some extent, print, operate what is regarded as interruptive marketing- where your favorite TV or radio program is interrupted by an advert or jingle. Interruptive marketing can expose your business to the public but you cannot know if your target audience has been reached. With the high costs of advertising through traditional marketing, the lack of measurement metrics is a huge drawback especially if you are on a tight budget.

But with digital marketing, you can target your preferred audience by demographics such as age, location, gender etc and even tailor it to specific devices e.g. iPhones, android or tab. And the good news is that you can carry out marketing campaigns based on your budget.

But it is not enough for businesses and brands to have websites and social media pages; they must be visible so that potential customers can find them easily. One smart way to visibility is the use of influencers to advertise your brand/product or service. Social media influencers are people who can help you reach potential customers that your business may not get to.

You need to identify influencers on your preferred social media platform(s) and reach out to them by informing them about your product/service or advertising directly to them, building relationships with them. Building relationships with your audience is key. You can do this by developing great useful content that is also engaging.

Every business can benefit from social media activity. The key is picking the right platform(s) to use, that in combination will build traction. For example an email marketing campaign has the potential of reaching people who may not be active on social media platforms but check their email everyday.

One of the main benefits of a digital marketing campaign is its measurability. Data and results can be tracked and measured. With such information, you can plan adequately for subsequent campaigns.

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